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Imagine 4

Today is the last day of our project where we draw together all the strands of the work that we’ve covered this week.  We will use each other’s posters to build up a bank of information and use that to answer exam questions that we’ve written. At the end of the project we’ll consider how … Continue reading

Imagine 3

Today we are going to relate the specification for GCSE biology to the work that we’ve been covering during the lessons this week. At the start of the lesson we’ll go around and look at each other’s work. We’ll offer some constructive criticism and decide whether we can learn what we need to know from … Continue reading

Imagine 2 28/11/2012

What role does our view of human life play in our attitude towards human cloning? What is embryonic stem cell research? How is stem cell research different from adult cell cloning? Which country will be the first to clone humans? How will different cultures react to the news that a human being has been cloned? … Continue reading

Success 2!

Here is the editable version of the success criteria that we devised in the lesson. Now it’s your turn. You can download this criteria, chop it up how you want and put it back together or just leave it as it is. This is what you will be judged against so think carefully about what … Continue reading


Here is our success criteria! This is what we decided would make a successful enquiry into how plants move (tropism). I will edit our fantastic ideas into a word document and post it on here. This will be downloadable and fully editable by yourselves. If you see something on it that you don’t like or you … Continue reading


Just imagine what the world would be like if we allowed human cloning to take place. Many say that it has already done so and that human cloning’s widespread use in inevitable. In this series of lessons I aim to get 11-2 thinking about the possible future consequences of decisions the scientific community makes today.

The imagine project aims to get you thinking creatively about science and exploring the big debates that matter today. Human cloning is possibly one of the most contentious issues our species has ever been faced with. Check out the debate for yourself.

We are going to carry out a series of 4 ‘explorations’ into human cloning, starting first with a look at the technology that has allowed us to think realistically for the first time ever about the possibility of producing cloned human  beings.

On Tuesday 27 November 2012 I want you to answer these questions:

  • What technology exists that we could use to clone human beings?
  • Who has access to that technology?
  • Who controls the use of that technology?

We’ve already looked at the possibility that a human clone could have been made already. In Wednesday’s lesson we’ll look critically at this claim and assess the evidence available about whether it’s true or not.

Thursday will see us draw together the strands of the debate and try to suggest further routes to explore during Friday’s lesson when we’ll conclude our look at this most divisive and important issue facing the future of our species.

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Welcome to biologypost

Welcome to your Biology GCSE resource hub. This website will support you with your studies as you prepare for your Biology GCSE exams. It is aimed to be a self study tool. Use it to prepare for lessons by reading the lesson content before the day of the lesson or to review the topics we … Continue reading

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