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Are Humans Still Evolving?

These are parts of an article by a guy called Peter Tyson who writes at this website: http://www.pbs.org. You can find the original article at this address: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/evolution/are-we-still-evolving.html Today I want you to learn that: Where new forms of a gene result from mutation there may be relatively rapid change in a species if the environment changes. Develop an … Continue reading

Lionoit.com now on biologypostGCSE

Year 10 Biologists – your homework is now available on linoit.com. Go to your school email account and follow the link to post your answers to the questions that I’ve stuck to the board. It’s very easy to use so should only take you a minute to do. Alternatively, click on the canvas below and … Continue reading

Wednesday 5th December 2012

Sharing the learning objectives for 5th Dec 2012

Reflections on a week of independent learning

Many thanks for all the feedback on the week of independent learning that we conducted on cloning. Having read your answers to the questions I was happy that there were some positive outcomes in terms of the depth of knowledge in a lot of the answers. Even some people who indicated that they didn’t enjoy … Continue reading

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