For 10-1

Here is the section of biologypostGCSE dedicated entirely to your class. You can access it anywhere, at home, school or on your mobile phone using the wordpress app. This will allow you to access lesson materials and content before the lesson happens, during the lesson and after the lesson. It is designed to help you explore the topics we cover at your own pace and support you through your GCSE Biology course.

Learning Objectives for Thursday 29/11/12

Today we’ll be using the success criteria we defined in the lesson on Monday to hit the following learning objectives:

  • Plants produce hormones to coordinate and control growth. Auxin controls phototropism and gravitropism (geotropism).
  • The responses of plant roots and shoots to light, gravity and moisture are the result of unequal distribution of hormones, causing unequal growth rates.
  • Plant growth hormones are used in agriculture and horticulture as weed killers and as rooting hormones

Here is the PowerPoint with descriptions of the experiments: Phototropism

Learning objectives for Monday 25/11/2012

In today’s session we will focus on the following objectives:

  • Plants are sensitive to light, moisture and gravity:
    ■ their shoots grow towards light and against the force of gravity
    ■ their roots grow towards moisture and in the direction of the force of gravity.Lesson plan:The aim is to get you thinking about the results of a famous set of experiments. Here are some videos to have a look at to get you thinking.

    In the lesson I’ll provide you with the following resource: Phototropism

    What I will ask you to do is work in groups over the next couple of lessons to explain the results contained in these experiments. As the resource explains, this is a classic example of how scientists work.

    I’m going to want you to be a little bit creative with this task – you can present your findings/arguments how you want but if you can produce anything to rival my all time favourite youtube video I’ll be well impressed:




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  1. not as good as 11-2’s page

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