For 11-2

This is the part of the blog dedicated entirely to your class. Here you can find everything you need relating to the lessons. The blog will be updated on a daily basis with learning objectives for the lessons, feedback, resources we will be using and revision resources including videos, radio links, discussion posts and much more.

Wednesday 5th December 2012

2012-12-04 15.57.38

And here is the lesson plan for Wednesday’s period 1 lesson. You can see a quick video about what’s happening in the lesson on the biologypostgcse front page.

Tuesday 4th December 2012

Here it is then, this is what all 4 of you voted for! This is my lesson plan for this lesson – it will remind you what you did during the lesson and also give you an insight into the planning process. If you want to comment or suggest any improvements or ideas for further lessons the please do so.

2012-12-04 10.07.35

Here also are some notes on the Theory of evolution – you can use these to revise from as they are comprehensive and cover exactly what you need to know.

Revision notes and specification

Mark scheme for exam question

Vote for what you want to do this week (Mon 03/12 – Fri 7/12)

We can study either:

  • The theory of evolution via natural selection – there’s a couple of experiments we can do using fake worms made from pasta and food dye and we can make a bird feeding station to feed our fake worms to the birds.
  • DNA fingerprinting – we can set up a crime that relies on DNA evidence and construct a class DNA fingerprint in a practical activity that mirrors biochemical techniques to produce DNA fingerprints.
  • Making models of DNA – DNA is a massive molecule but it is made of some very simple components. We could have a class competition to make the best model of DNA from whatever components you can lay your hands on.

Learning objectives for Friday 22 November 2012

I think the lesson might go something like this:

//Lesson plan

  1. Use the resources we put together yesterday to discuss the possibility of human cloning.
  2. Practical activity – cloning carrots using plant hormones to stimulate growth.
  3. Decide what success criteria we are going to have for our work on cloning.
  4. If we have time we might watch the embedded video and discuss.
  5. Add resources from yesterday to a larger display to describe the technology behind adult cell cloning.
  6. Use the washing lines to rank our work and discuss where our learning is at and where it needs to go next







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